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Metal Heat Treating Solutions

Automotive Seat Recliners

Bluewater specializes in heat treating fineblankings that are used in seat recliners for several different automotive companies. These components are critical safety parts as car seats must survive impacts during accidents and help to protect the driver and passengers. Bluewater serves customers who are the leaders in the fineblanking industry and supply components to a variety of different automakers and we comply to their stringent specifications and requirements for heat treating seat recliners which often have requirements above and beyond the requirements of providing a certain case depth, surface hardness and core hardness.   

Bluewater is required to meet very stringent levels of surface carbon to ensure they can be successfully welded into assemblies after heat treatment. Bluewater also performs bend testing of seat reclining components to ensure that they meet ductility requirements that are important during a crash or impact. Millions of these seat recliners are processed per year and the heat treating process is critical to their proper performance and safety. Advanced quality planning and the PPAP process was critical to our success in developing robust statistically capable processes that prevent defects and ensures uniform, consistent results from piece to piece and load to load. Specialized racks and loading patterns specific to each part number are developed by Bluewater to optimize the loading and ensure quality results. Processing parameters and inspection plans are developed specifically for each part number to ensure each part meets all of the metallurgical requirements.

Seat recliners and other automotive parts are typically cost-sensitive items and Bluewater has large batch furnaces and high volume mesh belt furnaces available at some locations to ensure we offer a competitive price on these components to our customers. Economic factors are also considered during process development as we not only have to meet all of the critical metallurgical requirements but also typically have cost targets to meet as well.

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