Avoid Distortion During Heat Treatment

Bluewater Thermal Solutions processes metal components and offers heat treaments, coating, and metal joining services throughout North America. Distortion control is a critical element of our heat treatment process. Providing solutions to minimize distortion that occurs during heat treatment sets Bluewater Thermal Solutions apart from other providers. 

Our processes are designed to minimize distortion in addition to meeting all the required mechanical properties needed.

Distortion control is achieved by utilizing intelligent custom designed fixtures to support varying part geometries, selection of process parameters to reduce high temperature creep distortion and employing specialized quenching technologies. In addition to reducing distortion during the heat treatment process, Bluewater offers many secondary operations that can restore distorted components back to their required tolerances.

Intelligent Process Design by Heat Treating Experts

Bluewater Thermal Solutions evaluates incoming material conditions, pre-existing residual stresses, manufacturing sequences, part geometries, and final mechanical property requirements. Bluewater can then offer solutions to ensure that distortion will be minimized by making changes to manufacturing sequences, elimination of stresses present in components prior to heat treatment, employing different heat treatment processes and strategies, and solve your distortion problems with our engineered solutions.

Our metallurgists and heat treat experts can provide valuable insight and advice when planning manufacturing of new components requiring heat treatment. Upstream manufacturing steps can affect results obtained during heat treatment operations and oftentimes our upfront advice can alleviate and prevent problems down the road at the heat treatment stage.

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