Induction Hardening Applications

June 28, 2019 | Technical Articles

A type of heat treatment utilized to harden a metal part through the process of localized heating is referred to as induction hardening. In this process, certain parts of a metal are heated up, while others remain unheated. The process utilizes a solid state electric power source that infuses electrical current through an inductor coil. The coil is enclosed around the surfaces subject to the heat treatment. At Bluewater Thermal Solutions, we offer induction hardening solutions that meet specific application requirements.

The induction heating process that brings about hardening occurs very quickly. Only seconds or minutes are required to complete the process, while using a furnace can take up to hours or days at a time.

Induction Hardening in a Selective Manner

The induction coil that heats specific metal parts surfaces inside the coil generates an electromagnetic field. The magnetic field affects the parts positioned inside the coil. In the induction heating process the metal has electrical resistance as targeted electrical currents pass through it and create accurately directed heat on the workpiece’s surface.

Once the heating process that utilizes electromagnetic induction as described above is completed, the part then may be quenched in water or polymer. The heating process changes the steel to austenite with an additional transformation after that into martensite is the quenching process occurs in the crystalline structure of the outer layer is modified, enhancing its hardness, strength, and resistance to wear. The untreated core of the metal remains soft and more ductile.

Induction Hardening Applications

The heat treating hardening process is utilized in various industries, including transportation, aerospace, and energy. A number of applications and items can benefit from the heat treatment hardening process described above. They include: driveshafts, springs, steering components, sprockets, gears, powdered metal components, wheel hubs, transmission components, pins, edge hardening of complex parts, surface hardening of steel and steel alloys, axle shafts, and power tools.

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