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Factory Gates / On-Site Strategic Partnership

Bluewater’s facility in Saginaw, Michigan is attached to one of our customer’s actual casting foundries. The aluminum engine blocks poured and produced at this foundry never have to leave the building to be heat treated and this avoids the delays and extra cost associated with trucking and freight. Bluewater Thermal Solutions formed a strategic partnership with the foundry in order to offer the benefits of having a captive heat treatment to the foundry without having to make the investment required to build their own captive heat treating cell.

Bluewater’s customers enjoy dedicated furnace capacity for their engine blocks and does not need to pay for freight or endure long delays that would have been necessary if the engine blocks would have needed to be shipped to an outside commercial heat treating shop. Bluewater designed the robotics, material handling tooling, and furnace sizes around the engine blocks being produced in order to create the highly efficient work cell necessary to be competitive in this business. Bluewater and our customers work closely together to meet production schedules, address quality and technical concerns and perform future planning for product realization.

Saginaw, Michigan Plant Overview

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