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Powdered Metal Components Heat Treatments

Bluewater Thermal Solutions facilities in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania, and Ridgway, Pennsylvania are strategically geographically located to serve the powdered metal industry. Bluewater performs heat treatment of powdered metal every, day and is the leading commercial heat treatment provider to the powdered metal industry.

We utilize the latest in technology and equipment to complete quality, precision heat treatment on powder metal components. Our years in the industry and expertise as a top heat treatment company in the United States allows us to continually advance our process, quality control standards, and the ability to complete orders to exceed the expectations of our customers, both large and small.

Working With Bluewater Thermal Solutions

Our staff will work closely with your company to ensure the best heat treating processes are used for your powder metal components. We are able to provide multiple different capabilities for powdered metal parts and components, creating the specific surface, characteristics, and properties needed for the application.

Talk to our team about the needs for the powder metal components, and we can work to create a customized solution for heat treatments. We can also work closely with our customers to manage the total cost of the project and to provide the level of customer service and support required.

Bluewater’s experienced personnel understand all of the nuances and intricate challenges associated with heat treatment and testing of powdered metal and has specialized equipment designed to meet these challenges.

Capabilities Available for Powered Metal Components

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We provide a comprehensive list of services that can be combined to provide a perfect process for your components.
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