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Stainless Steel Bright Annealing in Continuous Furnaces

Bluewater Thermal Solutions offers thermal processing, coating, and metal joining at processing plants across North America.

continuous bright annealing furnace Bluewater has the capability to perform bright annealing of stainless steel in continuous belt furnaces. Continuous furnaces allow for a constant stream of parts to pass through an annealing furnace and are the most economical way to process high volumes of components. It also has the advantage of having parts being placed in thin layers on a mesh belt instead of batch processing where large masses of bulk material are treated at once. The thin layered parts will heat and cool more uniformly, producing consistent results from part to part throughout the load. The thin layers of parts also are less prone to distortion than bulk loading techniques normally used in vacuum.

Continuous processing can produce more parts per hour than vacuum annealing separate batches and is a lower cost alternative to vacuum furnaces.

Bluewater uses protective atmospheres with inert gases to prevent oxidation so that parts emerge from the furnace bright and shiny. Bluewater has a metallurgical laboratory for testing product after heat treatment with capability of measuring hardness, grain size and evaluating microstructures. CMM capability is also offered for parts that have critical dimensional characteristics.

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